My Story

I am in my 19th year of working with kids. Most of my experience has been spent working with extremely difficult, at-risk, disturbed, abused, and neglected kids. I have worked exclusively with populations in extreme poverty. For the last 11  years of my teaching career, I requested that all of the most difficult kids in my grade be placed in my room as a teacher and in my building as a principal and superintendent. For the last 5 of those years, I worked at the largest primary school in the United States and requested that all of the most difficult kids out of 400 third graders be placed on my class roster. In addition, students in other classrooms whose behavior made it impossible for others to learn in their assigned classrooms throughout the year were all moved to my room. My classroom always had the highest standards for behavior and was consistently the calmest in the school. Even with these tough kids, my academic results were excellent. One year, with a population that had a 95% poverty rate, 95% of my kids passed the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. I don’t punish, warn, or lecture and I am extremely strict and loving. I have not punished a student in 13 years, nor have I involved an administrator in a discipline issue during that time.

I have served as a principal, superintendent, and discipline specialist. The classrooms in which I have worked had poverty rates between 84% and 98%. During my tenure as a principal, we doubled the size of our school and maintained Continuous Improvement status, and, because I had trained our staff in classroom management skills, the behaviors in our building were similar to the ones in my classroom.

In my free time, I have mentored, in and outside of school, neglected and abused kids, most of whom have had some combination of PTSD, drug affection, Reactive-Attachment Disorder, and/or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
I have a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, a Master’s degree in Education, and a current Ohio PK-3 Teacher’s License. I have taught classroom management as an adjunct professor at Antioch-Midwest and as a visiting lecturer at Ohio University.

I am a proud father and husband. I am married to a fellow educator. My wife taught kindergarten and third grade for twelve years. A difficult child myself, I flirted with suspensions and expulsions throughout my school career. I have come a long way.

What I offer is not another “thing.”

I’m sure that you, as well as most of the staff members at your school, have been around education long enough to have watched methods, programs, and systems come and go, and in some cases, come back again. Observing this cycle over and over causes educators, as they are trained in a “new” program or system, to be less than enthusiastic about learning how to do something that will probably be gone within a year anyway. What I offer is not a system; it’s not even a program. Put simply, I teach adults to calmly and assertively set limits with kids through systematic and explicit skill and procedural instruction. This supports anything else you are doing at your school (PBiS, for instance). It makes any school stronger and any educator calmer, more confident, and happier about his or her career choice!

I fix schools. Through the teaching of skills and the implementation of procedures, I help you to create a more positive school climate where kids can enjoy learning and teachers can enjoy teaching. In addition, I can teach skills and put procedures into place that will allow administrative assistants, lunchroom workers, hall monitors, playground monitors, and paraprofessionals to be able to have the same amount of energy at the end of the day that they had at the beginning! Finally, I can put procedures in place that will allow administrators to be educational leaders instead of people who put out fires all day long.

I can turn your school into a positive, low-stress place that creates functional human beings who will make their school and our world better instead of worse.


I can help you to create a more positive school climate by

  • Performing an audit on any and all areas of the school (common areas and/or classrooms) where limits are not currently being set, in a calm, assertive way.
  • Creating custom-made Calm/Assertive Common Area Procedures that allow for students to either be cooperative or to learn a valuable lesson about being cooperative in the future.
  • Teaching Calm/Assertive Classroom Procedures that will systematically allow the teacher to build relationships and share control in the classroom. In addition, logical, realistic, and effective consequences are woven into procedures so that students will either be cooperative or will learn a valuable lesson about being cooperative next time.
  • Teaching all school staff how to bully-proof students so that the students themselves can learn and practice the skills necessary to set limits with mean or difficult people around them in school, outside of school, and for the rest of their lives.
  • Teaching educators skills for working with and setting limits with parents.
  • Teaching educators how to use The Nine Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom™ so that they are able to be calm, strict and loving with students.
  • Teaching your school’s parents to use Love and Logic® skills to calmly set limits with their children.

Call 1-888-261-2331 or email me today! You can be the teacher, parent, or caregiver that you always wanted to be. Your school can be the place where you always wanted to work. You just need the skills and procedures necessary to be calm and assertive with the kids in your care!