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How to Take the Struggle Out of Mealtime

Dear Kid Whisperer,

I struggle with getting my 8-year-old to eat dinner. I have taken tons of advice and done what doctors and other experts have suggested: not allowing him to eat anything beside what I prepare, allowing him  to eat whatever he wants, taking away TV, allowing him to eat whenever he wants, having him sit at dinner and snack later, bribing him to eat with candy. Nothing works. He sometimes refuses to eat at mealtime, then he says he’s hungry later, so I feed him. What now? -Gemma, New York, New York

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How to Enforce Personal Boundaries With Your Kid

Dear Kid Whisperer,

Every morning my 12-year-old son feels the need to constantly knock on my bathroom door to ask or tell me something mundane. How do I get him to stop this inappropriate habit? In addition to being annoying for me, my fiancée is always still sleeping at this point in the morning, and this is causing more tension. I tell my son constantly to let me get ready in peace and to finish getting ready himself, and that once we are both ready, we can talk. – Christie, Boston, Massachusetts

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Gem City Podcast: April 1, 2020

Any time of crisis requires sacrifice, and the Coronavirus is no exception. The sacrifice is relatively simple at this point: stay at home. Sounds easy right? Not necessarily.

Parents are finding themselves suddenly working from home and teaching their kids at the same time. Not to mention teachers, who have had to completely switch to online learning with little to no time or resources to do so, who are often juggling their own kids in the process.

In this episode we  find strategies to help both parents and teachers navigate this weird new world during the Coronavirus crisis.


Amuzed Podcast: February 22, 2020

This special edition podcast was recorded at the offices of “Cards Against Humanity” in Chicago.

I was a guest on Amuzed: A Podcast for Geniuses, and this episode was a lot of fun!

However, unless you are OK with your kids hearing LOTS of adult language, don’t listen to this podcast with them! If YOU are easily offended, DON’T LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST!!

It’s titled “How to Parent”, but it has lots about teaching and education too:


**Contains adult language.

How to Use Interventions to Handle an Impulsive Student

Dear Kid Whisperer,

I have a fourth-grade student in my language arts bloc who is very impulsive. When his mom forgets to give him his ADHD meds, he is out of control. He doesn’t focus, he gets up and walks around, he lays down on the floor, and he shouts out. I tell him to sit down and get to work over and over and over. We have a card system. With no meds, he loses all his cards in ten minutes. I’ve tried everything. I’m out of ideas. -Jaime, Columbus, Ohio

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How to Curb Tardiness With Middle School Students

Dear Kid Whisperer,

I have a seventh-grade student who saunters into class at least 5 minutes late every day. I actually have him for two different classes. It just drives me crazy. No matter what I say or even how angry I get, he doesn’t show up on time. Before you ask, there is no reason for his tardiness. His last class is 10 feet from mine. I asked around and he is only late to my class. We have a demerits system and no matter how many times he gets demerits for tardiness, he continues to be late. I always start these two classes being angry at this student. What do I do? -Mary, Cincinnati, Ohio

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How to Gently Guide Students Toward Positive Behaviors

Dear Kid Whisperer,

I need some advice in dealing with a first-grade student who never listens to me. I tell him to not blurt out; he blurts out more. I tell him not to grab other kids while he’s in line; he does it more. I have tried everything. Nothing works. I’ve even had the nurse check his hearing. She says it’s fine. His grandma wants him to be evaluated for some kind of disorder. I’m at a loss. -Jessica, Columbus, Ohio

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