The Kid Whisperer Podcast Featuring Scott Ervin and Pat Kiely: Episode 4

Topics in this episode include:

My youngest has been lying to me to stay out of trouble. Is grounding him a valid punishment?

How do I get my 11-year-old to hang out with kids who aren’t such a bad influence?

What do I do with students who leave my classroom and refuse to come back in?

How do I stop students from gossiping about each other?


The Kid Whisperer Podcast Featuring Scott Ervin and Pat Kiely: Episode 3


Topics in this episode include:

Do other parents use time-out with their 12-year-olds?

How do I deal with my 11-year-old daughter throwing things and crying to get what she wants?

How do I keep a kindergarten student from running out of the room?

I feel like I am being bullied by an 8-year-old!

My toddler won’t stay in her bed during naptime.

The Kid Whisperer Podcast Featuring Scott Ervin and Pat Kiely: Episode 2


Topics in this episode include:

At what age can your techniques first be used with a baby or toddler?

What happens when the kid behaves so poorly for a continuous time that she is now inundated with multiple consequences?

How do you get kids to actually USE their work time in class?

What do I do when my child talks back to me or is disrespectful?

How do I handle a small group of students who disrupt the entire class?

The Kid Whisperer Podcast Featuring Scott Ervin and Pat Kiely


Behold: “The Kid Whisperer Podcast!”

25 years ago, Pat Kiely and Scott Ervin met as poorly behaved children in school. Now they have a podcast about how people can deal with poorly behaved children in school.

This pod is for anyone who works with kids. In this video podcast, I answer live questions from parents and teachers about how to train kids to use positive behaviors that will allow them to be successful instead of training them to end up in prison.

I have no prior knowledge of the questions. This is a lively, funny, and I hope, helpful discussion that I think you might enjoy. Beware, like most of my conversations with Pat, there is some adult content in the podcast.

Perhaps, after 25 years of being bad influences on each other, Pat and I will help people and make them laugh, instead of annoying people with jokes that only we think are funny.


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Gem City Podcast: April 1, 2020

Any time of crisis requires sacrifice, and the Coronavirus is no exception. The sacrifice is relatively simple at this point: stay at home. Sounds easy right? Not necessarily.

Parents are finding themselves suddenly working from home and teaching their kids at the same time. Not to mention teachers, who have had to completely switch to online learning with little to no time or resources to do so, who are often juggling their own kids in the process.

In this episode we  find strategies to help both parents and teachers navigate this weird new world during the Coronavirus crisis.


Amuzed Podcast: February 22, 2020

This special edition podcast was recorded in Chicago.

I was a guest on Amuzed: A Podcast for Geniuses, and this episode was a lot of fun!

However, unless you are OK with your kids hearing LOTS of adult language, don’t listen to this podcast with them! If YOU are easily offended, DON’T LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST!!

It’s titled “How to Parent,” but it has lots about teaching and education too:


Play: Amuzed Podcast with Scott Ervin


**Contains adult language.