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“This is one of the best professional developments I’ve been a part of in my 21 years in education. I’ve never seen such buy-in from staff members. Scott is very engaging and was a teacher for several years. One of the things he discusses is teachers taking care of their own discipline whenever possible. My office referrals have dropped dramatically this year.”
–Chris Elwood, Principal, Mt. Ayr Elementary, Mt. Ayr, Iowa

Thank you for your interest in high quality, reality-based professional development!

First and foremost, what I offer is NOT ANOTHER PROGRAM!

I’m sure that you, as well as most of the staff members at your school have been around education long enough to have watched methods, programs, and systems come and go and in some cases come back again. This causes educators, as they are trained in a “new” program or system, to be less than enthusiastic about learning how to do something that will probably be gone within a year anyway. What I offer is not a system, it’s not even a program. It’s just a way of being calm, strict and loving with kids. It supports anything else you are doing at your school. It makes any school stronger and any educator calmer, more confident, and happier about his or her career choice!

What I can provide for your school is The Nine Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom® and Calm/Assertive Procedures™.

The Nine Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom®

Using these skills is a comprehensive way of being calm and assertive with even the most difficult kids. They are nine skills, that, when used cumulatively, can allow any educator to be able to create a calm, strict, safe, loving environment where adults can teach and students can learn.

Here are the skills:

  1. Neutralizing Argument: If, after I teach this skill, you can show me how an educator at your school argued with a child after following the argument neutralizing steps, I will give your school 100% of its money back! Would it be helpful for there to NEVER be arguing in your school ever again?
  2. Delaying Consequences: Is there anything more stressful than thinking that you have to react immediately to a student’s negative behaviors? You don’t. Let me show your staff how to be simultaneously strict and calm in the face of any behavior that a child could come up with, all on your schedule and at your convenience!
  3. Utilizing Empathy: I can show your staff, through the use of a simple, empathetic statement, how to actually change the brain function of a child so that the child will be able to place blame for his negative behaviors on himself instead of on his mean, unfair teacher or principal.
  4. Utilizing the Recovery Process: Recovery is like “time-out”, except that it actually works. I will work with your school to implement the use of the recovery process, whereby all students understand that they are allowed to be with their class for as many seconds as they can manage to not cause a problem. I will show you how to set up areas in the classroom and in other classrooms (NEVER in the principal’s office) where they can “get it together” and come back when they are ready.
  5. Building Positive Student-Teacher Relationships: Every bit of research on the subject shows that building relationships with students is the key to creating schools where teachers love to teach and students love to learn. Using skills such as the one-sentence intervention, I will show you how to have a school where students love their teachers and principal so they will be happy and cooperative at school.
  6. Utilizing Enforceable Statements: What is the most important implication of a student saying “You can’t make me!!!”? It is that he is absolutely right! By using enforceable statements, we tell students how we live our lives, not how they should live theirs. This allows us to have much higher behavioral expectations without unnecessarily taking away control from kids.
  7. Utilizing Choices to Prevent Power Struggles: Isn’t it better to prevent power struggles than to take the time to fight them? Have you ever wondered why no one ever teaches educators how to do this? I will show you, step-by-step, how to get students to be more cooperative by giving them the control that you don’t need anyway.
  8. Quick and Easy Preventive Classroom Interventions: I am so good at classroom interventions:
    the movements, questions and one-liners that we use to prevent negative behaviors, that they have become 95% of everything that I do to manage my classroom.
  9. Guiding Students to Own and Solve Their Own Problems: How much more time do you suppose your staff would have if they only solved students’ problems when failure to do so would be likely to cause serious or permanent injury? What if your students were trained to solve their own problems because they knew that this would be the only way that the problems would get solved? What if your staff was trained to guide kids to take responsibility for their problems? What would your school be like?

Calm/Assertive Procedures

Research has shown, over and over again, the importance of giving students choices and the importance of building relationships with them as a means of creating a positive, happy learning environment where students feel loved and supported and are able to live within the parameters and expectations of their teachers and administration.
Calm/Assertive Procedures are specific and explicitly taught procedures, routines and rituals designed to allow you to effectively build relationships and give healthy control in school. They are specific to locations and activities in the classroom and in common areas. Professional Development regarding implementation of these procedures, rituals and routines is available ala carte and will depend upon the needs and wants of the school.

Calm/Assertive Common Area Procedures

  1. The Calm/Assertive Hallway (for both teachers and administrators)
  2. The Calm/Assertive Playground
  3. The Calm/Assertive Lunchroom

Calm/Assertive Classroom Procedures
Relationship Building Procedures

  1. ESPN Greeting
  2. Team Creation
  3. Nickname creation and ceremony
  4. Afternoon Meeting/ Celebrations
  5. ESPN Goodbye

Control Sharing Procedures

  1. Student-led Morning Meeting
  2. Student-led transitions
  3. Student-led prompts
  4. Student-led choices
  5. Student-led workshop choices
  6. Student-led Afternoon Meeting

Calm/Assertive Procedures for a Calm and Quiet Classroom

  1. How to Create a Truly Silent “Silent, Sustained Reading” Environment
  2. How to Create a Calm, Pleasant Workshop Environment
  3. How to Get Students to Work Hard Without Asking Them To

Calm/Assertive Behavioral Intervention Plan

  1. Want/Control Analysis: Create a plan to get the desired behaviors from any student in any situation.

Calm/Assertive Bully-Proofing Procedures

These procedures show how to train students to peacefully, powerfully, calmly, and assertively stand up to bullies without anger, violence, or backing down. This training allows the students who exhibit kind, calm behaviors to become the most powerful students in your school. When used in tandem with Calm/Assertive Common Area Procedures, students can feel safe and empowered because they are able to defend themselves against bullying and they are always in the line of sight of a calm, caring, well-trained adult.

Calm/Assertive Parent Behavior Management

Can parents’ behaviors sometimes be more difficult to manage than the behaviors of students? This workshop will also show teachers and principals how to manage angry, manipulative, entitled, and enabling parents. These procedures show educators how to calmly set limits with parents so that educators can more effectively create a positive educational environment for students.

Becoming a Love and Logic Parent® Parenting Sessions

Training parents to elicit positive behaviors from their children can be the single most important factor for the success of a child. Parents can be taught the same skills that are taught to educators in The Nine Essential Skills of the Love and Logic Classroom™. Utilizing both programs allows both parents and educators to share the same solid foundations of and expectations for behavior.

Call 1-888-261-2331 or email me today! You can be the teacher that you always wanted to be. Your school can be the place where you always wanted to work. You just need the skills and procedures necessary to be calm and assertive with the kids in your care!!