Kid Whisperer Nation Tips for Parents #17-21

Kid Whisperer Nation Tip for Parents # 17


We live in a culture that, all too often, produces people who are more or less helpless, self-centered, and often lazy. The advent of the “parenting expert” is very much to blame for the “child centered” way of doing things that is destroying our kids and our culture.

Take great care of yourself so you can take care of your kids. Hold your kids accountable according to your own value structure (not theirs). Create kids who are the people you want them to be. If you don’t do it, someone else will.


Kid Whisperer Nation Tip for Parents #18


…with you at the top of that hierarchy. The reason for this is biological and goes back hundreds of millions of years. You are in charge of this hierarchy. Your kid is not. Why?

BECAUSE YOUR KID’S BRAIN DOESN’T WORK YET! And because they have much less experience and wisdom than you do! Duh! This has been blatantly obvious to pretty much all adults for the last several thousands of years except for the last 50 years in the western world, particularly in the United States.

You are the leader of your pack.

Now act like it!



Kid Whisperer Nation Tip for Parents #19


We live in a ridiculous culture that allows kids to act in ridiculous ways. One great way to figure out what you should do about your kids’ behavior is to think to yourself, without considering the cultural norms surrounding parenting created by our bizarro-culture, “Is this reasonable?”

For instance, if your 13-year old is playing a video game system that you purchased, in a home that you are still paying for, enjoying heat that you are also paying for, and eating snacks with his friends that you both bought and prepared, and that kid is being rude, rolling his eyes, and treating you like a servant, think to yourself, “Is this reasonable?”

The answer is “no”.

Furthermore, your kid is a jerk. Your kid is a jerk and it is your fault. His behavior, and his personality are not OK. Fix it. The game system should be gone and the friends should go home immediately so that your kid can begin the retraining necessary to become a functional human being.

If you don’t want to take the system away because it would hurt your kid’s feelings, or you don’t want to make your kid upset or angry by sending his friends home, YOU are not reasonable. Pull yourself together. Hold your kid accountable. The fate of the republic depends upon it.


Kid Whisperer Nation Tip for Parents #20


We live in a society that has fallen in love with the idea of rights. So have I, of course. We live in a free society and our rights are very important.

Just as important are responsibilities. Remember those? I suppose it is legally true that you do have the right to raise your kid in any way that doesn’t put them in immediate physical danger, but you also have the responsibility to train your kids to not cause problems for other people. That is your responsibility as a parent and as the member of a society that is struggling to be functional.

You training your kids to be functional people may be the most important thing you ever do. You have a responsibility to all of us to do this successfully.

So get to it.


Kid Whisperer Nation Tip for Parents #21


Do you follow rules? Do you follow rules in front of your kids? If you want your kids to follow rules for a lifetime, you also have to model following rules. “Do as I say, not as I do” doesn’t work.

A stop sign is not a yield sign. A yield sign is a yield sign. A stop sign is a stop sign. By rolling through stop signs with your kid in the car, you are sending the message that rules don’t apply to you, and you are willing to put people in danger by not following rules.

Your kid is or will be making important decisions about safety and following rules. What kind of decisions will they make? Most likely they will make similar decisions to the ones you are making.

So, what kind of decisions are you making?