Educator Services

I provide consultation services for schools and classrooms. I can come to your school to systematically and explicitly teach skills, procedures, and strategies for being calm and assertive with children. I can perform full or partial audits of your school or organization. Afterwards, I can provide training and Real-Time Coaching (RTC) for staff that will allow all adults to be calm and assertive with students in every location and situation. No more anger, lectures or threats: just a more positive place to learn where all stakeholders are able to enjoy a more pro-social environment! These services are fully applicable for camps, churches, scouting, day care centers, and any organization that serves children.
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* This service is for groups only. If you are an individual educator, parent, or someone who works with children you should attend a parent or educator conference by clicking the button below.

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Parent/Educator Conferences

If you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, principal, bus driver, cafeteria worker, daycare supervisor, after-school program director, babysitter, or coach, and if you would like to improve your behavior management skills, you should make plans to attend one of our summer conferences! You will learn to calmly set limits with the children in your care while strengthening your relationships with those children!

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Family Services

I provide explicit and systematic skill and procedural training for parent and community groups using Love and Logic™ skills and Calm/Assertive Parenting Procedures (CAPPs). These skills and procedures allow parents and caregivers to be calm, strict, and loving without anger, lectures or threats. I work with PTO/As, community groups, children’s advocacy groups, and any organization that wants to help children and those who care for children.

Video Guide

This video allows teachers to have a silent, well-behaved hallway line without using lectures, threats, or anger.

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