Kid Whisperer Nation Teacher Tips #66-70

Kid Whisperer Nation Teacher Tip #66


When shaking hands every morning and every afternoon with every kid in your room (hint, hint) be the first person to firmly grasp the other person’s hand. The handshake builds the relationship, and gripping first establishes dominance. It’s all in the way hands work. The second person to grip has the bones in their hands compressed together, making it difficult to grip the first grasper’s hand, creating a submissive position for the second grasper. We don’t have to squeeze very hard to be the dominant, loving adult.

Kid Whisperer Nation Teacher Tip #67


… with apologies to Mr. Miyagi. Every day when you greet and say goodbye to students, make sure you look them in the eye. This says, for at least two times per day, “I care for you and respect you enough stop my day and give you my attention.” Notice that I am not saying what some “experts” in teaching (many of whom have never taught) say, which is, always give kids your undivided attention. This is so stupid that I’m not even going to insult your intelligence by saying why.

Kid Whisperer Nation Teacher Tip #68


Kids love to hear their name called. Say it over and over, but make sure you say it the first time you see them when you are shaking their hands when they arrive and when they leave! It says to students, “I may be shaking everyone’s hands, but I want you to know that this shake is for YOU.”

Kid Whisperer Nation Teacher Tip #69


Talk about interesting aspects to your life with your students. Give them things about you to become fascinated with. I, for instance, have been lucky enough to have traveled internationally, I talk in detail about my adventures. Give them the chance to find you to be interesting and mysterious. If a student is interested and mystified by you, he is more likely to be nicer to you, to want to impress you, and to be more cooperative with you.

Kid Whisperer Nation Teacher Tip #70


Take better care of yourself than you do your students. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? Take care of your own needs first. Without taking care of yourself, you can’t take care of them. The converse is not true. If I have two minutes left before my students arrive in the morning, and I have the choice of double checking my lesson plans or getting myself a cup of coffee, I’ve got one thing to say: I take cream and two sugars.