I absolutely recommend attending any training by The Kid Whisperer. I attended both Kid Whisperer University as well as the Calm/Assertive Academy. There was not one question asked in 6 full days of training that Scott did not have the absolute perfect answer to. He gives you the skills, strategies, and the knowledge needed to have an extremely effective classroom. I feel as though I have more time to actually teach my students because I am spending so much less time dealing with negative behaviors. This works at home and at school. I cannot say enough about The Kid Whisperer and how much I believe in this.  -Kyle Mansfield, Findlay City Schools, Findlay, Ohio

Having Scott train our entire staff in consistent expectations and procedures for recess, the cafeteria, and the related transitions has been incredibly powerful and impactful on our building.  Our staff members quickly embraced the idea of setting firm, consistent boundaries with an empathetic approach. Scott’s strategies and practices support our goal of empowering students to be independent problem-solvers prepared for the world that awaits them.  He is practical and respectful in his suggestions and feedback to the staff, which is important when working with a team of talented, veteran teachers who were seeking new ideas and ways to grow together. The real time coaching component is also a critical piece of the puzzle to truly support the application of these new practices. -Sarah Patterson, Principal, Oakwood City Schools, Ohio 

Teachers from Fairbrook Elementary attended Kid Whisperer University in August 2017. They returned to school with new “tools” for classroom management. Utilizing empathy, logical consequences, and delayed consequences, in addition to several other learned strategies, teachers feel that they have more control in their classrooms and are managing behaviors more efficiently so that instruction is priority! In addition, our office referrals have declined considerably and teachers are able to keep, what would otherwise be very disruptive students, in their classrooms and thereby, maximize learning for all of our students.  Joell Mangan, Principal,   Fairbrook Elementary, Beavercreek, Ohio

I have the best-behaved class that I have had in over 15 years.  It is not because they are simply well-behaved kids.  It is that I have set limits. I admit that I am not a Love and Logic expert, but you better believe that I WILL NOT go back to my old extrinsic system. I have not given one piece of candy or one sticker as a reward for good behavior this year. I HAVE given extra recess because my principal was so impressed with the behavior of my class that he said they deserved it. EVERY teacher, new or seasoned, will benefit from Scott Ervin’s expertise on eliciting positive behavior using the Love and Logic skills. This should be a mandatory course for ALL teacher education degrees.      -Karen Ponder, Dayton Public Schools, Ohio

I like that the whole school is on the same page-including paras, teachers, and administrators. Good things are happening academically because we are spending less time on discipline! – Jill Weaver, Mt. Ayr Community Schools, Iowa

I was in my thirteenth year of teaching when Scott and Love and Logic saved my classroom, my students, and my love of teaching. In my school, we had hand-picked the most disruptive students in first and second grade and put them in my classroom in hopes of changing their behavior, so they would become productive citizens in our school and in our world. In order to change their behavior, we used behavior charts, color charts, earning/losing privileges, phone calls with parents, parents coming to school, a token economy, food rewards, candy rewards, party rewards, coupon rewards-you name it, we tried it. Nothing worked. Everything was a gimmick, a game, or a system the students could beat or work around or find loopholes. I felt like I was teaching them how to circumvent the judicial system instead of abiding by it. I cried on the way to school each day because I knew I was failing my kids, and because I didn’t want to endure another day with them. Then I met Scott. Scott empowered me. He gave me confidence, answers, and a way of life in my classroom that increased everyone’s happiness and safety tenfold. Not only that, but I got to teach and my students got to learn! My students improved their math scores and their reading scores. They created projects and wrote letters. Kids who were flipping desks, throwing chairs, scratching teachers, flipping off peers, and being defiant and unpleasant were excelling socially and academically. I was no longer anxious about going to school, and neither were they! Their lives and mine changed in less than a month thanks to Scott and his training in Love and Logic. – Beth Perry, Lakota City Schools, Ohio

As a former teacher and current principal with 13 years of experience, I have been a part of many different behavior management systems and plans. I have never seen a complete turn-around in behaviors such as I have witnessed with the implementation of The 9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom™ and Calm/Assertive Procedures. These skills and procedures are truly an asset to our students and staff. Having a speaker that has lived through the hardships we deal with on a daily basis was energizing and reaffirming as he had real life/real time answers to all of our queries. Prior to working with Scott, during the first quarter of school last year, we lived through 868 in and out of school suspensions. This year, during first quarter, we have had 94 total suspensions. We are on our way to success! – Lindsey Day, Principal, Toledo Imagine Madison Avenue School of Arts

Working directly with Scott has been the single most valuable experience I have had when it comes to learning how to work with challenging students. He has trained me to use Calm and Assertive procedures, as well as skills from Love and Logic, to be successful in teaching my students this year. I believe that these skills have worked far better than any other skills I have been taught, and since I have been trained by Scott, my quality of teaching (and life in general), has been positively transformed. I am less-stressed, slower-to-anger, and I truly feel that I am making a difference in the lives of my students.

In the beginning of this school year, many of my students engaged in behaviors that were very distracting to the learning environment of the classroom. Some of my students flipped their desks, laid on the floor during instruction, left the classroom without my permission, screamed cusswords at me and other students, engaged in fights daily, and refused to do their schoolwork. I attempted to use various behavior charts, the schoolwide Class Dojo, timeouts, parent phone calls, calls to administration, and nothing was truly helping. I started using techniques learned from Scott (such as empathy and logical consequences) and I can say, without a doubt, that my classroom has been completely transformed. I no longer see any of the issues listed above, and very seldom have to call for administration to assist with challenging students in my classroom. My students are respectful, responsible, and hold themselves accountable for their own actions. They are self-regulated, and they value their education. This is an incredible feeling to have as an educator.

I truly feel that the skills I have learned from Scott have made me effective in managing behaviors in my classroom. I have been told by multiple people that I have strong classroom management skills and I give all credit to my training with Scott Ervin. With that being said, I think I would benefit from having more training from Scott, and I also think that other staff would benefit from attending Professional Developments by him as well. – Ashley Owen, Dayton Public Schools, Ohio

This is one of the best professional developments I’ve been a part of in my 21 years in education. I’ve never seen such buy-in from staff members. Scott is very engaging and was a teacher for several years. One of the things he discusses is teachers taking care of their own discipline whenever possible. My office referrals have dropped dramatically this year. – Chris Elwood, Principal, Mt. Ayr Elementary, Mt. Ayr, Iowa

I teach in a self-contained Behavior Disorders (BD) room at Mt. Ayr Elementary School in Mt. Ayr, Iowa. I’ve been teaching for thirteen years and have been in this specific room for three years. I work with students who have the most challenging behaviors in the building. Our building hosts students from kindergarten through sixth grade, approximately 300 students. My students were removed from their general education classroom after numerous office referrals for negative behavior, parent complaints, and general frustration from the classroom teachers. When I first began working with these students, I had no real plan for dealing with the behaviors. I would bribe, offer tokens and rewards, punish, raise my voice….honestly, nothing was working and we were all very frustrated. Then, our school contacted The Kid Whisperer and everything changed! The Calm and Assertive techniques that we now use have completely transformed my teaching and our days are now infinitely more positive and productive. My students understand that I cannot and will not ever make them do anything. They are free to choose their behaviors and they know consequences logically and naturally follow negative behaviors. It really is that simple. Learning how to use Love and Logic skills and Calm/Assertive procedures has been a truly rewarding and fun experience for all of us. Thank you, Kid Whisperer, for helping us transform our classroom into the fun place that we wanted but just didn’t know how to get. We are so happy! – Melanie Knapp, Mt. Ayr Elementary Community Schools, Iowa

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